You Should Listen to Them

One of the things I really enjoy, is discovering new music from either Mixcloud, Bandcamp or Youtube. I generally prefer listening to an entire album rather than listening to playlists but I have many a times discovered artists while listening to sets on Mixcloud. Over the years, I have found music that resonates with me and finds its place on my phone for a very long time. Here are some artists I’ve been tripping on lately in no particular order.

1. Biosphere – Black Mesa
Its no secret that I am a huge Biosphere fan. This particular two track EP is not his usual style but the title track is mesmerizing and I could hear it on loop for hours. There is an awesome video for the song too which I’m embedding below.

2. Aerate Sound – Only for External
I worked as the stage manager for Nariyal Paani this year and met this guy Joe Panicker who was playing drums for Suman Sridhar’s Black Mamba and had no clue he makes beautiful music like this. Some amazing tracks in this album and I really love ‘Down Baby Down feat Smokey The Ghost’

3. Kumail – From You to Blue
Its crazy that I’ve shared the stage with Kumail, every gig I’ve played. He makes beautiful music and his latest album must be heard. My favourite track is ‘Versions’.

4. Aljosha Konstanty – Discovery
I love Halftribe’s sets on Mixcloud and have very often come across beautiful music while listening to them. AK’s music is dreamy and spacey and I was hooked to this track called ‘Wanderlust’. This one has a cool video as well.

5. David Douglas – Spectators of The Universe
My friend had spoken to me about Atomnation and how they have some incredible artists under their label. She was spot on about that. David Douglas is brilliant and I love this kind of electronic music. My favourite track in this album is ‘Highway of Love’.

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