Half Marathon Training – Week 2

And just like that, we’re done with 2 weeks of training! ‘Renaissance Distance Project‘ (RDP) is one of the most important parts of my life at the moment. The progress I have made in my running so far is all thanks to my coaches and every single person in this team that pushes me every day through their hard work and dedication. Week 2 went smooth without any hiccups and here are the workouts and the runs.


Nice and easy for the first day of training. Slowly increasing the weekly mileage so its not a shock for the body. I am also doing these easy runs more by feel. I will go super slow if I have to. Reminding myself that there are no medals for running faster on easy days.

TUESDAY – INTERVALS (600 X 8) with 400m recovery

Sun was out and it was nice to run without rain for a change. This was a brutal workout. I tried to stay as consistent as I could with my splits. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I should be able to dial into the paces required for the Half Marathon. The fact that I am jogging during the recovery of these intervals still amazes me. A few months ago I had to walk so progress has definitely been made.


This was a very tough run. Probably even tougher than the intervals on Tuesday. But you have to fight through these and get done with them.


Much better than last week. Didn’t overdo it and go all out. Tried to maintain and be within the pace ranges. Not quite happy but improvement from last week’s stupidity. But I made one big mistake which was wearing an old pair of socks and that gave me two giant blisters on my toes. The last km of the LT run and the cool down was painful. I also missed my leg workout on Wednesday so got it done in the evening. Cannot afford to miss leg days!


Nice and easy in this one. These runs are super important post a hard workout the day before. Like I said before, I have stopped looking at the pace for these runs and only run based on how I am feeling.


Went to palm beach road in New Bombay for this one. Its a beautiful stretch of road and the weather was just brilliant. One of those runs where you just flow and feel fantastic after the run. Loved every bit of it.


Sundays are reserved for core workout. Not a very intense session because its also a rest day but around 30 to 45min to wrap up the week. I have started soaking the legs in epsom salt for 15-20mins to help them relax a bit. Need to incorporate icing as the weeks go by because legs are going to take a beating.

WEEK 2 = 65.4km

Very happy with how things are progressing at the moment. Week 2 was really smooth except that I could have done a couple of strength sessions which were missed because of work and studies. Things are only going to get more intense from here. 10 more weeks to go.

Some photos from the week’s runs

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