Half Marathon Training – Week 3

As the weeks go by, the mileage goes up and the workouts get tougher. I can’t describe how much I love being in a training cycle. I love the discipline that comes with it and the progress that is made. The actual day of the time trial is irrelevant. The work that goes during the 12 weeks is what matters the most.

I managed week 3 with no major issues.


Good weather always helps. I am not used to running anything over 10km on Mondays but I have to get used to the increase. Felt better than I expected and didn’t try to run fast and overdo it. Always remember Krish’s (my coach) words, “You’re not going to get a medal to run fast on easy days”.

TUESDAY – INTERVALS (800 X 6) with 400m recovery + UPPER BODY

Tough workout! I am happy that I managed to maintain the pace that I was supposed to run at (at 10k pace so between 4:40-4:50min/km). I’m trying really hard to not overdo these workouts and stick to the pace ranges. Stupid mistakes or errors that you do in these workouts later cumulate and end up hitting you really hard in the latter half of the training cycle. Skipped 1km from the cool down and did 2km instead of 3. Legs were done!


Wednesdays so far is the run that I hate the most. Its difficult to wake up, legs are super sore, upper body also if I manage to do my workout the previous day and the whole damn run is a struggle. You can’t enjoy all of them and some of these workouts you have to treat like a job and just get done with them.


Slight improvement again this week in this workout. I am slowly dialing into my pace and I also felt less tired while doing this workout. 5km cool down was tough though so managed to do 4. something km. The boys from the team were joking that the word cool down is so misleading. Don’t you think?


Very weird run. I felt ok from the first till the 3rd km. Then 3 to 5 was a complete struggle and 5 onwards felt absolutely fine. Sometimes you can get lost in analyzing what happened or what caused such an issue but the fact of the matter if that you have to ignore such things and just be glad that you got done. Felt great and ready for the effort session tomorrow.

SATURDAY – 6KM at 5:40min/km PACE (5KM WU & 5KM CD)

Ending the week with a 16km run. Had to do 6km at 5:40min/km. I was going pretty smooth but then this guy kept passing me and then slowing down and that was upsetting my rhythm a bit. That is the reason for the 3rd km being 5:28 pace and I completely messed the last one up. Slowed down because I thought I was running faster than what I was supposed to. Not bad overall and happy with the workout. Went to palm beach again and absolutely love running there.


Had a good core and mobility workout. Want to try and get done with these in the morning but I usually try and sleep on Saturdays without any alarm so I wake up when my body feel rested. Recovery is really important and sleep helps with it a lot!

WEEK 3 = 74.7 km

I am happy that I managed to do all the workouts I wanted to do in week 3. So far so good. 9 more weeks to go.

Some photos from the week’s runs

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