Half Marathon Training – Week 4

Week 4 went as smooth as I could’ve imaged it. This cycle has been all about understanding recovery and taking the necessary steps to improve it. Here is a summary of week 4.


The legs are slowly getting used to the 10+ km runs. It’s fascinating how much patience you need in this sport but it’s also very gratifying. The learning never stops though and you have to keep putting in the work.

TUESDAY – INTERVALS (1K X 5) with 600m recovery

Absolutely smashed! This workout knocked me out. It took me a few hours to get back to feeling normal after this one. I learnt from some posts from elite athletes that forcing yourself to eat something right after a heavy workout helps with recovery a lot and I’ve been trying to incorporate that to see how it helps me. I say forcing because it generally feels difficult to eat something immediately after a hard session. I try to have my smoothie which is a mixture of banana, greens and almonds within an hour of my run. I have also slightly increased the quantity of the food I eat during these days. My focus has been a lot on recovery for this cycle and I am very interested to understand how my body responds to all this. Its all fascinating stuff.


Huge difference in the run today. I did 3 things that I feel definitely helped.
1. I ate slightly more than I usually do throughout the week.
2. I did a long stretching session before going to bed.
3. I did a quick foam rolling session before heading out for my run in the morning.

I started really slowly but as the run progressed, I kept feeling better and I have not felt this way during a Wednesday in the cycle before. I also ran 12km instead of the usual 10. I will repeat this next week again.


I got in the rhythm, then lost it in the middle and then found it again. Overall I think this run was not bad at all. I am also slowly dialing into the pace and feeling less tired during these sessions. It’s still very tough but compared to week 1, its way better.


Worst run of the week. Felt like crap when I got up. Felt equally terrible when I started and it did not change till the end of the run. Absolutely, terrible! These are the runs where you just have to make sure you get done with them and not think about them after. I was glad it was over and onto the next one!


Not that great but not that bad either. Made a few mistakes in this one where my pace went up and down but I guess this happens some times. Overall I am happy with the effort. What I am more happy about is that I have run almost 80kms this week and I am feeling fine. I am really enjoying 6 days of running in the week. The coming few weeks are going to be a bit chaotic because of work and I might miss a few runs but these are variables that I cannot control and all I can do is move forward.

As you can see in the splits below, I had a big jump from 6:30 to 6:03 which should have been more gradual. Similarly, 5:57 to 5:45 could have also been smoother and more gradual. I was supposed to not go faster than 5:30 but I ended the run with a 5:24.


Still being lazy and not finishing these in the morning but I am glad I got it done.

WEEK 4 = 78.9 km

This is probably the highest or close to the highest mileage I have ever run. Grateful that I am feeling good and hoping that the rest of the weeks go as smooth as this one. We all know that is wishful thinking and it’s not going to happen. That is where the fun really begins.

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