Video Content

Here is a small showcase of some of the content I have worked on. You can either go through the playlist at the bottom or go through individual videos and their respective posts.

1. Above and Beyond at blueFROG Amphitheater Promo : I broke my leg during this shoot but the end product turned out pretty good. Love some of the shoots that we captured in this one.

2. FROGtv special with Sky Rabbit : I really like the songwriting of this band. We had a lot of fun making this episode. One of the first few projects we did to show the company what we were capable of.

3. Vasuda Sharma – Jaagi Jaagi Raina : I compiled some of the footage that Vasuda had shot while she was recording her album and made a video out of it. Love the music and it gives people an idea of how much work has gone into making that album.

4. MUTEMATH – Reset live at blueFROG Mumbai : I helped programme this band at the FROG. Worked along with the NH7 team to make this happen. Shooting a frogtv video with them was a bonus. Proud of this.

5. The Scene : This was a property conceptualized by me and my buddy Nikhil Udupa. This was a platform for all the budding independent artists to showcase their talent. We didn’t have high budgets for this but we made sure we released video content that the bands could use for promotion.

6. Close up Friendship Band : This was a project for close up for Valentine’s Day.

7. Leapfrog to Coke Studio : We tied up with Coke studio to come up with a competition where the winner got to perform at the main Coke Studio event. We released around 25 videos in one month.

8. Zygnema live at blueFROG : Brutal metal band from Mumbai. We had so much fun editing this one.

9. A day in the life Shraddha Sharma : This was a video for a Hair Care product.

10. blueFROG Diaries : Worked on this entire series as a creative supervisor. I was the point of contact between the production unit and bluefrog.

11. SULAFEST promo : I actually created the music for this festival promo. Sankhe did the editing.

12. BASSCAMP featuring Ox7gen | London Elektricity : Post gig video of the Basscamp festival conceptualized by Sohail Arora.