Pangea Vlog #2

After an amazing gig in Bangalore, we were going to play at home in a couple of days. We love playing in Bombay. Familiar faces, lots of love and support, these gigs are always special. I was very excited to shoot this vlog for the same reason. I also had help from my friends who shot our performance which made my life easier and also gave me some good content to put in the video.

While performing we did feel that the crowd was a little cold compared to the last time we played but after speaking to a friend, I was told that everyone in the club barring a few small pockets, were paying attention to the music and were not talking at all and just soaking in the experience. Anyone that’s been to a club in Bombay, knows that this is a very rare site and people generally just can’t stop talking when they are at a gig. So that was a first for us and we’re very happy that something like this happened at our gig.

I had work the next 2 days and had only post 10pm to edit this vlog. We had our next gig in Pune on the 14th of December and I wanted to release this in the morning of that same day so it was a little hectic but worked out fine in the end. I managed this one in around 8 to 9 hours and am pretty happy with how it turned out. Took some advice from my trusted video editing expert friends and got a lot of good feedback to keep in mind for the upcoming videos. These vlogs have been a great exercise for us as we get to document these amazing moments that we’ve been experiencing. I also haven’t made any proper video content for a long time now and it just felt really good to shoot with the camera and get home and edit the content. Reminded me of the good old blueFROG FROGtv days. If you haven’t checked the second episode out, please click on the video above. If you haven’t seen the first episode, click here.

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