India is the most depressed country in the world

My friend Zain is a very talented individual. He is a kick-ass drummer, a sound engineer, music producer and a mental health activist. He founded the Marbles Lost & Found podcast on mental health and is currently working on figuring out content for season 2. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him at blueFROG as well as being part of the Marbles team. A few months ago, Zain, Ujaala who is also part of marbles and I got together to discuss the next steps for the podcast.

I shot a small interview with them where they spoke about the inception of Marbles as well as the journey so far and future plans. You can check out the video above. After doing this for around an hour, we drove Ujaala and her cat Gaddafi (Ujaala says that she is a dictator and hence the name) to the vet. Zain and I had a fascinating conversation in the car about life in Mumbai city and how it was affecting our mental health. We weren’t trying to blame anyone in particular and definitely did not intend on making the conversation political, but it was more of explaining what we felt was happening in the city and how it affected our day to day life. From the road conditions to the traffic (vehicle and human), we spoke about how we try and make decisions to avoid certain situations and the fact that this might only get worse after a few years. The video is a bit long, but I feel a lot of you will relate to it. Would love to hear from you guys about how life is affecting you in Mumbai and if you have any suggestion on how to cope with it and what measures can be taken to improve the current situation.

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