Gearhouse Solo with Tejas Menon

Sound Check a day before the shoot
Sound Check a day before the shoot

Since I quit my job at blueFROG, I have been looking for video assignments. Film making is something that I love as much as music composition and I sometimes miss shooting some awesome live bands at the blueFROG. I had worked on over 250 live performance videos there.

I met up with Warren D’souza who founded SOUND.COM, India’s biggest live sound provider and he had a lot of ideas to make video content series. He has this beautiful warehouse where they have done some awesome live videos and needless to say, the sound of these videos is pretty much the best I have heard coming from a performance video. We decided to work on a video showcasing singer-songwriters and he already had an artist in mind.

Tejas Menon is such a talented musician. He is a killer guitar player and has a beautiful voice. I really like his compositions and he is a very genuine person. I have become quite a fan of his writing in the course of making this video. This was the first time Sankhe and I were shooting a performance video outside the comfort of the FROG so there were a few mistakes we made but each step is a learning curve and I hope we can only get better from here. This is the end product we came out with and I personally am very happy about the way it shaped up. I do need to work on and study lighting more carefully to make the video a lot more presentable.

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