This is NG, taking. Recording in a studio for the first time.


For an independent band, its quite natural to record stuff in friend’s bedrooms or makeshift studios. That’s how we started. ‘Snails are when I was young’ was recorded in Kuber‘s house and the production shifted along with Kuber’s different homes. First in Andheri, then at Khar.

Jai records at Yashraj Studios quite a bit. Shantanu Hudlikar had heard about our band and the thought of having 3 seven string guitars without vocals got him excited and he really wanted to record us. We got lucky!

fotor_(15)We were selected by Shantanu for Soundathon, which is an annual workshop where he teaches upcoming sound engineers tricks to record, mix and master music. We didn’t really know what to expect but all of us were so excited about the fact that we were going to record a track of ours in one of the best studios in the country. The one thing that suffers the most during these home recordings according to me is the Drum sound. Most bands like us, can’t really afford going to a studio and spending over a lakh to record live drums. So most of these bands opt for programming the drums which can do the job but you really come to know the difference when you hear live drums being recorded. Jai’s drums were sounding beyond epic to us. In fact when we heard the recorded drums, Shantanu hardly touched the EQ cause they were recorded so well. It really blew our heads off. This entire fotor_(12)recording process has actually convinced us that we need live drums recorded for our next album.

Recording guitars on amps is also facing a similar situation like Drums. Most of the awesome tube amps that people need to record album are way over budget and independent bands can’t really afford spending 10K a day on rentals. It becomes cheaper to invest in digital amp emulators as opposed to these massive things. We got to Biamp our guitars. YES! 1 GUITAR into 2 AMPS. We use Mesa Boogies which are fotor_(20)one of the best amps for this kinda music. We can’t thank Shantanu enough for being so supportive and cooperative. He was always ready to experiment and was so enthusiastic about the entire recording process. It really made us feel like one of those big bands that record in studios and get everything they want just by asking once. It was overwhelming to say the least. Need to also thank Harman Professional India without whom this workshop would not be possible. If these guys didn’t support bands like us then we would never get the opportunity to experience something like this in our lives.

This is the track we came out with. It was released a few days ago. To know where the name originated check this video out from 3:00 onwards. 🙂


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