Social Media for Bands

Y’all may know that I am part of an instrumental, progressive band called Pangea. It started as a studio project and now we have been lucky to have a full fledged live band with some really talented people. We recently played 3 cities and the response has been very overwhelming so far. We are currently working on a new album which should be out early next year.

Apart from composing songs and tightening up your live act, one of the most important things for a live band in today’s times is to be active on the various social media pages. Some people might disagree but what this does is, it gives an identity to the band as well as makes information flow a lot more personal. The content that goes up doesn’t really need to be related to the music all the time, in fact my experience tells me that content that is not related to selling the product or having a call to action generally does brilliantly as opposed to content that is asking people to do something for you.

My band’s page has been really active this past month cause we have been on tour and I love capturing photos to relive the memories in the future. We tend to be ourselves (dorks) and just post simple stuff that makes our page a lot more personal than most bands online. People tend to post a lot on their personal pages and they only need to do the same for their band. It’s an exercise that I strongly feel, every band in our country should follow.

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