Riatsu – The story behind ‘There is no justice in following unjust laws’

Artwork by Mihir Ashok for 'There is no justice in following unjust laws'
Artwork by Mihir Ashok for ‘There is no justice in following unjust laws’

I am going to write a post about each track that I have made for my debut EP ‘Reminiscence‘ and the story behind them. The producer Ishan Naik told me once that I must tell people why I made this music because the stories were fascinating to him and once he heard it and read about it, the music became more interesting.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely see the documentary at the bottom of this post. Its about this genius called Aaron Swartz and the circumstances in which he ended his life. He was responsible for making one of the sites I most frequently visit, www.reddit.com. The track has Aaron’s voice samples where he talks about how there are two sides to the internet and the information we get from it and the fact that it’s ultimately upto us to choose what we do with this information.

I am not an expert about all this but there was something about this documentary and Aaron that resonated with me. I could relate to what he was saying and he made me believe some of the things he believed in. This documentary described to me what is happening even in our country today. If someone with less power and influence tries to bring about a change, he is most times silenced and forgotten. Our lives are so consuming that we tend to get affected by these situations but it takes less than 2 weeks for us to completely forget about it and get on with our lives. That itself was enough for me start the process of making a track dedicated to Aaron Swartz. The working title for this track was ‘The Path is Grey’ and later was changed to one of Aaron’s statements, ‘There is no justice in following unjust laws.’

The beautiful artwork on the top was created by my dear friend Mihir Ashok who was one of the first people I discussed creating an ambient album with.

I also realized that I should make an album with tracks that have a similar vibe during the process of making this track.I sent this track to Aditya Sankhe and told him that I was planning to release an album with a similar vibe. His words of encouragement and enthusiasm towards the music was what started my journey towards the creation of ‘Reminiscence‘.

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