A scene with the music


I love making ambient electronic music. I can listen to scores of movies on loop and have always been inclined towards music that does not have any vocal elements in it. I also love adding extracts of speeches that inspire me in my music.

Most of the tracks that I have made so far, are made keeping a visual scene in my mind. I wanted y’all to listen to them while visualizing the scene that was going on in my head while creating the track. Would love to hear how y’all relate to it and if another scene comes to your head while listening to a particular piece of music.

1. Hearing Sparks Rumour (Working title was ‘T1000’) : This was my tribute to one of my favourite movies of all time, Terminator 2, Judgement day. Its a post apocalyptic scene where people win one part of the battle and there is light at the end of the tunnel. What do you guys see when y’all hear this track?

2. Mind if I borrow your life (Working title was ‘A walk inside Tulip Star’) : I had gone for a Scribe gig when I had heard that the Tulip Star was haunted. A friend of mine who worked for TV had shot inside the hotel and had told me that it was a creepy looking place and things were just abandoned and it felt like people had disappeared overnight from the hotel. We walked inside the lobby and there is something freaky about a completely abandoned 5 star hotel with its tall ceiling and long wide stairs. I was so fascinated by this that it inspired me to write this track. We later decided to add Neil Degrasse Tyson’s speech on it. I love how it shaped up in the end. What do y’all imagine?

3. Soul Wars : I had been listening to a lot of Hans Zimmer at that time and this is sort of my tribute to the great composer. I imagined a group stuck in a tight situation in a war zone where taking their own lives becomes the only option they have left. Tell me what y’all can picture when y’all hear this track.

4. Will you see me again : In this track I imagined a man who needs to make a difficult choice. He can either help a group of people and might end up in deep trouble or he can make a run for it. Whatever he does the memory of his decision will remain with him for the rest of his life. I would love to know what y’all imagine while listening to this track.

These are 4 tracks where I have had a mini movie running in my head while creating them. It’ll be a lot of fun to compare what visions y’all have while listening to these tracks.


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  1. Shadaab, dude, I so clearly remember sitting in your living room in that apartment on Sycamore in Hollywood, frantically trying to cop some bud while you intently listened to, what I thought at the time, was the sound of running water. I’ll admit I thought it rather weird then and I was naive. I think it’s been like 6 or 7 years since that summer, and I’m so happy to see what you’ve accomplished in music and outside of it. Every piece here moves me greatly.

    01 – I see a battle scene too, but set somewhere in the jungles of south america. Half of this clip sounds like it was made using some Peruvian instruments, somewhat similar to what i’ve heard ayahuasca shamans play (albeit much softer) during a handful of ceremonies. In fact, i can totally separate this from Pangea, and hear it as something different and completely unique.

    02 – This visually recalls that movie Constantine with Keanu Reeves. and also of the beginning/end of A Perfect Circle show. 100% good times.

    Soul Wars – This takes me to a tense hospital scene, doctors and nurses running around, the sands of time thinning for those fortunate/unfortunate few who will make the journey to the other side. I see both victory and failure here, seeing as somebody always wins in life and death.

    Will You See Me Again – This transported me straight to a few hours ago. Last night I had a dream about my ex girlfriend. I saw her in the audience of some fire show type thing at an arts festival, from a distance. I haven’t seen her in a few years, and I just wanted to go over and say hello. As I walked towards her, the distance kept getting further and further until everything faded away and I woke up. I didn’t wake up in my bed though. I woke up in a field under the stars somewhere in Western Washington (where we used to live), alone. Quite sad, I know, but I must take solace in the fact that I woke up in a beautiful place, at peace with myself and my situation, rather than tense and disoriented in my bed.

    Thank you for this. Made my day like nothing has in a long time.

    – Abhi Meer

    1. Abhimanyu, bro this means so much to me. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to write all that.
      Its wonderful to read your visualizations of the music and I am so happy that ‘Will you see me again’ took you to a beautiful place. I have a similar story attached to that track which I shall speak to you about whenever we meet. 🙂
      You made my day bro. Thank you so much!

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