PrintUpdate : Book your tickets for SynthFest 2015 here. Have included all the three promo videos as a playlist below. Akshay has made the music for them and I have shot and edited the videos. Enjoy! 

I am very proud to announce that Akshay Rajpurohit and I have teamed up with Warren D’Souza of SOUND.COM to organize India’s first Synth Festival.

This one is very close to our hearts and we are really looking forward to this. There is lots of work to do and I will update everyone about this as thing’s progress further. We created a promo video to announce SYNTHFEST. Akshay made the awesome music and I got to shoot and edit the synth. The first one is on the legendary ARP ODYSSEY which was brought back to life recently by Korg. Enjoy!

When Bob Moog introduced the world to the Minimog D, he had a clear picture in his mind – create an electronic musical instrument which sounds beyond the realm of it’s acoustic bretheren. An instrument that used only electricity to produce sound. Sounds that would power electronic music for generations to come and create new genres of music that were both unimaginable and outright radical at the time.

Synthesizers have since been used on an unfathomable number of hit records ranging from grimey hiphop, pounding psychadelic trance, dirty acid house to facemelting drum ‘n’ bass, ultramelodic synthpop and cosmic ambient journeys. Thanks to popular artists like Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Keith Emerson, Jordan Rudes and Georgio Moroder, synthesizers of various makes and types started becoming a household name and ruled the minds and speakers of music enthusists and musicians alike.

45 years later, we want to celebrate what synthesizers have been to us – a means to communicate our music in a way that wouldn’t quite be possible without them. We want to celebrate their sound, their quirks, their secrets, their analogness, their digitalness, their madness and uncanny ability to make people smile.

We call this celebration – SynthFest.

Two days of playing, tweaking, patching, filtering, sequencing, resonating, syncing and best of all – enjoying synthesizers to our heart’s content. Great synths from the likes of Roland, Moog, Waldorf, Korg, Arp and more will be present to make these two days impossible to forget and full of sonic ferocity.


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