Boombay Djembe Folas live at the FROG

Boombay (1 of 1)
Anand Bhagat
and I go way back. Apart from being Captains in school (Anand Bhagat was the sports captain and I was the red house captain), Anand introduced me to a lot of music that made me ultimately pick up the guitar and compose my own. I started my musical career if I may call it that, by visiting the Chembur Jam Room where Noisegate/Skincold used to Jam. This room is also where I met Akshay and we eventually formed Pangea. I also met everyone from Scribe for the first time in this very room so it has a lot of significance in my life.

Over the years our tastes in music have changed quite a bit. This has enabled us to share music with each other that we would generally not listen to by ourselves. I am not really inclined towards world music but Bhagat has made me listen to a lot of African music which I must say has really impressed me and I tend to enjoy it once in a while. Bhagat’s love for this form of music has propelled him to start his own band that plays traditional West African rhythms. They are called Boombay Djembe Folas and they played their first ever show at blueFROG Mumbai and I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it.

Video is nothing to talk about but the music is beautiful. I personally cannot wait to see Boombay Djembe Folas at their next gig. More power to these guys for exposing people to such a beautiful genre of music.

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