Phone Photography : Planetical & Photosphere

Taken with Google Camera 'Photosphere'
Taken with Google Camera ‘Photosphere’

I am not a professional photographer but I do love taking photographs with my smartphone camera. I used to love using my Lumia 820 before and then I got a One Plus One. Although I wasn’t really happy with the camera compared to my previous device, I did realize that with a bit of editing I could really get good photographs out of the phone.

A friend had shown me photos that looked like tiny planets a few months back. I was very intrigued by this but then sort of lost interest in the whole thing. I recently remembered the conversation I had had and downloaded this free app called ‘Planetical‘. I instantly fell in love with the app. Since, then I have been taking photos and putting them up on my instagram profile. Here are some of them.

Another app that I have absolutely fallen in love with, is the photosphere option on ‘Google Camera‘. Its just a superb perspective and lets you take some amazing photographs.

Taken with Google Camera 'Photosphere'
Taken with Google Camera ‘Photosphere’


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