Thank you WordPress!

Although I am not familiar with HTML coding, wordpress has made it super convenient for me to be able to create websites to suit my needs.

The millions of theme options allows a user to choose one that best suits his needs. This website has been created on wordpress and I have had a lot of people complement on the look and feel of the site.

I created the SynthFest website recently using the Khore theme by the guys at ShowThemes. It was the perfect theme for a festival setting and the documentation that came with it (A LOT) was just perfect for me to read and make changes to. The customer support I received from them was also fantastic. A shout out to those guys for doing a great job!

For someone like me who doesn’t have the budgets to hire web designers and spend a lot of money on creating a website, I feel wordpress is the perfect option. Firstly, I get to create it myself which cuts out the back and forth with the designer, saves a lot of cost as well as lets me make changes really quick with a super fast and convenient back end system.

All you need is a little patience and you can come up with your own sweet looking website.

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