Pangea goes on Tour

Since our first live performance at blueFROG, Mumbai, we as a band had never gone on a multi city tour. We have always felt that intimate settings like clubs are more suited to Pangea‘s live experience compared to big stages. There is something about playing to people at close proximity that helps build the vibe at a gig. This year, we had the opportunity to take our music to 4 different cities.

We had not played in Pune for over 2 years. Our first and only gig in the city was the NH7 weekender in 2013. Unfortunately, we performed in Pune during the 7th day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Although, there were fewer people than expected, the mood in blueFROG Pune was absolutely fantastic. We played a good set and garnered praises from the people present. We are sure the next club gig in Pune for us is going to be a very memorable experience.

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Next stop was Bangalore. We had performed at Counter Culture at the start of the year and had a very good gig. This time we were performing in Indiranagar which was more accessible to the people compared to White Field. The Humming Tree is a beautiful venue and they have this awesome indoor stage which kinda reminded me of blueFROG Pune. The food at this venue is to die for and that lunch that we had before our sound check is still etched in my memory. We had a super gig that night. We played to a lot of people who hadn’t heard us before and quite a few were familiar with some of our tracks. To see close to 200 people in a small venue like Humming Tree on a Wednesday night was a great feeling for us. This pumped us up to fly the next morning and perform in Delhi.

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We honestly weren’t sure about how Delhi would react to our music. We had played NH7 Delhi around a year ago and frankly speaking, we were very confused after playing the gig. The reaction of the people after each track was to an extent, cold. We were playing in this venue called Antisocial which was located in Haus Khas Village. Beautiful location, there was this lake that you could see from the balcony. The whole venue reminded me of Raz in Juhu. Both the venues have this very raw look. We had a long but good sound check. By around 9pm the venue was quite packed. I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure how people would take our music but the packed crowd gave me confidence that we would be able to pull off a good show.  Delhi, without a doubt was the best gig we played in this tour. The energy of the people while we were playing is something all 5 of us will remember for a very long time. It was also one of the tightest gigs we have played and the overall experience was just fantastic. The feedback after the gig was overwhelming and the support we have seen from people post our gig is something we really appreciate a lot.

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The last gig of the tour was also one which all 5 of us were very excited to play. I had gone to Shillong over 5 years ago with Scribe, filling in for the bass player as he had some family function to take care of. That was the third gig of my life and going back to Shillong with my own band was sort of a full circle for me. We knew that if there was any city in this country where people would really love our music and appreciate the effort, it would be Shillong. The crowd is very different compared to our cities and you have to go there to believe it. We had a 6pm slot at the NH7 Weekender which was a fantastic slot time because it got very dark around 5pm. Unlike festivals in Metropolitan cities, people in the North East will enter the venue half an hour before the festival begins. They support every band and are probably one of the best audiences to play to.

The response we got that day made all the effort we put into this band worth it. We do what we do cause we love experiencing moments like these and this 5 city tour just provided us with enough motivation to work our asses off on the next album. I personally cannot wait to put it out and then go on another memorable multi-city tour. Check out this gallery of random images from our tour.


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  1. Pangea, ilove our music. Heard you guys at the NH7_SHILLONG, where I am from. Please let me know if you have any albums out,.. yet.! Thank you.

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