My Radio Show on Boxoutfm

Back in April, 2020, I posted a 35min ‘Riatsu Radio‘ episode hoping to make it a regular occurrence. After posting the mix, I started thinking about how I could reach a wider audience and also increase accountability so that I don’t slack on creating monthly episodes. Consistency is key when you are doing anything. I have been slacking with blogging as well and have once again told myself that I will weekly blog. is a New-Delhi based radio station that started in 2017. As a radio station, presents a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent musical and cultural scenes, one that is wholly curated by individuals rather than algorithms. It made sense for me to represent ambient music, a genre that I am so passionate about through them rather than do it independently.

The process was as simple as a quick text to one of the founders and asking them if they would want a radio show playing ambient/experimental music. Soon after, we exchanged a few emails and I created my show called ‘Transit’ on Ambient/experimental music listening has always been very visual to me. It has the power to play with your imagination and transport a listener to spaces that don’t exist in the real world or travel back to a time that has passed to reminisce. The name ‘Transit’ made sense to me.

It’s been a year since I have been releasing monthly episodes. I would like to evolve this into something much more than what it is right now. I would love to interview artists and give them a platform to speak their mind, talk about their process, what inspires them etc. Do a few showcases of labels to give them a chance to showcase the immensely talented musicians in their roster.

I am looking forward to the evolution of this show that has become a big part of my journey as Riatsu. I have embedded the Harold Budd tribute show above. It’s one of my favourites from the ones I have done so far.

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