Artist/Tour Management

Over the years, I have managed and worked with a number of bands. I have been extremely lucky to work with a couple of international bands that I really look up to. I can help your band with tours, merch/marketing, video content and stage tech.

Scribe : I love this band. Just thought I’d say that. I worked with scribe when they released their first full length album, ‘confect‘. I also travelled with them to other cities to help them with stage tech and logistics. I helped them setup their ‘confect tour’ of three cities namely, Mumbai, Delhi and Shillong and also played bass for them on that tour. I continue to help them in anyway I can.










Vasuda Sharma : She has an incredible fusion band and I really like the music that she makes. I help her with bookings and consulted her on a bunch of projects. I helped her make her crowd funding video which was an absolute pleasure to work on. Really happy the way it came out.



Meshuggah (Indian Tour Manager) : I was lucky to get to do this. They were on a 3 city tour in India promoting their then released album ‘Obzen’. We travelled from Mumbai and played shows in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. They were kind enough to mention me in the documentary they released post the gig.


Sikth (Big69 management) : Another band that I have been listening to for years. I got to help them out with their gig at Big69 and also got to take them around Mumbai for a day. Great people to work with and an absolute treat to watch them live.