Reminiscing Reminiscence

12th of February, 2016 is the day I took a huge step forward in my life. I took a piece of my soul and put it out there for people to consume, judge and live with.

It was the release of my debut EP ‘Reminiscence’. I had spent years doubting myself. It was quite a process to get there. I have always lacked self-esteem. I have a dependent personality which means that I depend on external forces for affirmations. Back in 2016, I wasn’t aware of all this. It took years to understand this personality trait and work towards it but that is a topic for another day.

A lot of people supported me through this journey and I will be eternally grateful to them. Without that initial push that I received back then, my journey would have been a lot different. In hindsight, I have always had some special people looking after my wellbeing and I consider myself very lucky. Time passes by so quickly. Especially during this whole pandemic. I didn’t even realize that it had been 5 years since the release of the EP.

Five years is a long time! I wanted to celebrate this moment. I wanted to re-visit some of the earlier tracks that had carved a path for me. So I decided to do live versions of them on my Youtube channel. This would help me in two ways. One, I would get to relive those special tracks and two, I would create some quality content for my channel.

Check out this version of ‘What Have I Done’ above, it is a track about regret. I think every individual in this world wants to live a life without regrets, without the ifs and buts however invariably we end up having them in our lives. I don’t necessarily think its a bad thing. There are lessons and reminders in these feelings that help us navigate through this wonderful thing we call life.

Do check out the rest of them on my channel and I hope you enjoy them. If you’d like to see some other ones, please leave a comment down below.

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